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Auto Repair Shop Reviews in Klamath Falls, OR – Here’s What Car Owners are Saying About Us!

Auto Repair Shop Reviews in Klamath Falls, OR: Klamath Car Care is your trusted Auto Repair Shop and we continue to satisfy customers with outstanding quality workmanship, honest and trustworthy quotes and prompt, professional service.

“We’re proud of what our customers say about us” claims Mike Farrar, ASE Certified auto mechanic and owner of Klamath Car Care in Klamath Falls, OR. Mike continues to claim “…we’ve helped car owners form Klamath Falls, Keno, Chiloquin and Merrill OR, and other surrounding areas since 2007. Our state-of-the-art repair shop uses the latest tools and technologies to perform a complete auto repair, service and maintenance at prices that fit your budget. Now, we’re proud to offer quality used cars for our customers too!”

Here’s what just a few of those car owners from Klamath Falls, OR and the surrounding areas have to say about us!

Auto repair shop reviews - Klamath Falals, OR - Mike Farrar - Owner - Klamath Car Care - ASE Certified Auto Mechanic serving car owners in Klamath Falls, Keno, Chiloquin and Merrill OR since 2007

Mike Farrar – Owner – Klamath Car Care – ASE Certified Auto Mechanic serving car owners in Klamath Falls, Keno, Chiloquin and Merrill OR since 2007

I paid half of what others wanted.

I've used this shop twice and both times was very happy with both the service and the price. It was done right and for a lower cost than I was quoted at other places -- once was even HALF THE COST.”
- Darlene Edelman

Saved money!

I HAVE NEW COOLANT IN THE CAR. I had called 3 places, all of them wanted around $100 to just change the coolant. I saw some mentions of Klamath Car Care on one of the boards. I called them and now I have coolant for $47! I asked why the others wanted so much and Mike said they wanted to hook me up to their $3,000 machine to flush out the radiator, but my radiator was not dirty. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.”
- Darlene Edelman

Mike impressed me... Fast and affordable

I rarely leave reviews for businesses, but Mike impressed me with how quickly he was able to get my wife's car in for a repair, and how affordable the repair was. I was pleasantly surprised!”
- Craig Bass

Good quality service- Saved me over $300!

My name is Joel I own a Honda accord, I was referred to Klamath car care by a friend, they did fabulous job on my car and they saved me over 300 dollars!!. I will be referring friends and family to Klamath car care”
- Joel

Five mechanics at different times tried to fix it!

I own a 1997 Dodge Caravan. Shortly after buying my van in 2009, it began to have an annoying squeak. Five mechanics at different times tried to fix it. The belt was replaced each time, along with pulleys etc. Occasionally it would not squeak for a few weeks but always it returned. I stopped by Klamath Car Care to have my car looked at before selling it, sick of that noise. Mike told me he could fix its obnoxious squeal. I laughed and told him "no thanks," having been down that road before too many times, charged each time. He said, “I’ll guarantee you I will fix it or I’ll pay for it myself” …Well, now it runs so quiet I may not sell it after all. Nice job!!! Very satisfied customer”
- Sarah J.

Mike saved us more than $3,000

We have over 100 vehicles and our own mechanic shop for large engines. My boss asked me to get estimates to fix a 1995 Windstar. Our mechanics believed it would need a new transmission. I went to two large reputable fancy looking auto shops in town. Both wanted to replace the transmission and radiator, one for $3,548 and the other for $3,853. The third shop that specializes in transmissions wouldn’t be able to look at it until the next day. I had heard that Mike, the owner of Klamath Car Care, ran a small honest repair shop with low pricing, so I asked him for an estimate also. He ran a diagnostic, noting codes for engine misfire. After looking over the minivan, he said he didn’t believe it needed a transmission, instead new spark plugs, wires, battery cables cleaned and a few other minor repairs were needed. He didn’t charge us for the estimate, only suggested our mechanics could do the job. The next day, I took it to the specialist and told them about the other estimates. They agreed with Mike and were pretty shocked at the clear misdiagnosis of the other shops. The suggested repairs were made, now it runs great! My boss told me to keep Klamath Car Care’s info on hand as I had found a trustworthy, knowledgeable mechanic. Thanks Mike for running an honest shop!”
- Elizabeth L

I’m happy that tow driver recommended you

I wanted to once again express my thanks for staying late to fix my car last week. I’m happy that tow driver recommended you, just wish you were in my town! Thanks a lot!”
- Jeremy

The repair cost was a lot less then I expected

My car was at 2 shops in town before I was referred to you guys. Not only did you find the problem quickly but the repair cost was a lot less then I expected too. I will pass your names to my friends also with the best recommendation. Thanks so much!”
- Jonathan