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Here’s some of the most common (and sometimes funny) questions that I get from car owners looking for Auto Repair, Service or Maintenance in Klamath Falls, OR

Q – I have a squeaking noise, how much does that cost (asked over the phone)?

A. Any noise, odor, rough running problem needs to be looked at in the shop. You don’t call your Dentist and ask him how much a tooth ache costs do you?

Q – My check engine light is on, can I drive it?

A. If your car is driving OK and not overheating or have low oil then typically it can be driven to the shop. If the check engine light is flashing that is telling you it can damage the catalytic converter if driven. At that point call shop for advice or have it towed.

Here’s more information about your check engine light codes and what you should do if your check engine light comes on, stays on, or flashes!

Q – My ABS light (anti lock brakes) is on, what does that mean?

A. When the light is on it indicates a problem in the ABS system. The anti lock function will not work at this time. The regular braking system may still be working but keep in mind if it’s a fluid leak it can affect both and cause a brake failure. Have it checked out.

Here’s more details on your car’s squeaking brakes and other problems

Q – My car shakes or vibrates while driving. What is it?

A. This can be caused my multiple things. Wheel balance, bad tire tread wear. Suspension pieces worn out, engine misfiring, etc. We have extensive experience in knowing what it’s from by test driving. Bring it by for a quick inspection.

Auto Repair Klamath Falls Oregon - Mike Farrar - ASE Certified technician and owner of Klamath Car Care - Klamath Care Care - Auto Repair & Diagnostics - Klamath Falls, OR

Q – How often should my tires be rotated?

A. I recommend at every other oil change, approx 6,000 to 7,000 miles.

Q – When do I change my timing belt? Is it really needed?

A. Most cars are at 90K to 100K intervals now. Some performance cars are sooner, check factory manual for specs. YES, it is needed. Damage to engine can occur if the belt breaks. Minimum is a roadside breakdown.

Q – When does my car need a tune up?

A – In your owners manual there is schedules for all maintenance. My experience is to have the car checked out first. I consistently see cars with half services done, or receipts for major services done right after some of the same things were done at a quick lube shop. My opinion is to have it checked out first then do your best to frequent one shop so records are known and warranties aren’t questioned.

Q – My car is still under factory warranty, I have to take it to the dealer right?

A – WRONG!! The dealers would love for you to believe this, but laws were passed decades ago saying your warranty cannot be voided because you used an independent repair shop.

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Dashboard Warning Lights and Indicators

Confused about dashboard warning lights and indicators?

Confused about the dashboard warning lights and indicators? Now sure what that warning light is trying to tell you about your car?

That’s why we’ve put together a complete list of those dashboard warning and indicator lights for you.

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The truth of the matter is, some of them are realy simple… like you’ve left the parking brake on or a door is open… but there are other dashboard warning lights you should page attention to.

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I paid half of what others wanted.

I've used this shop twice and both times was very happy with both the service and the price. It was done right and for a lower cost than I was quoted at other places -- once was even HALF THE COST.”
- Darlene Edelman

Saved money!

I HAVE NEW COOLANT IN THE CAR. I had called 3 places, all of them wanted around $100 to just change the coolant. I saw some mentions of Klamath Car Care on one of the boards. I called them and now I have coolant for $47! I asked why the others wanted so much and Mike said they wanted to hook me up to their $3,000 machine to flush out the radiator, but my radiator was not dirty. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.”
- Darlene Edelman

Mike impressed me... Fast and affordable

I rarely leave reviews for businesses, but Mike impressed me with how quickly he was able to get my wife's car in for a repair, and how affordable the repair was. I was pleasantly surprised!”
- Craig Bass
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