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Auto Repair in Klamath Falls Oregon?
Now you can Book your next auto service on-line right now!

It’s Fast  and Convenient too!

Auto repair Klamath Falls Oregon - Book auto repair appointments - Book your next service appointment online - It's fast, easy and convenient too!Need to make an appointment for auto repair in Klamath Falls Oregon?

Use the form on this page to book your next auto service appointment at SHOP CITY right now, even if it’s 2:00am Sunday morning! Just give us a few details – tell us what problems you’re having – or let us know the services you’re looking to have done – and then tell us when you want to come in!

We’ll confirm the date and time with you and contact you back!

PLEASE NOTE: We do the best to accommodate your requests for appointment at our auto repair in Klamath Falls Oregon. However we can’t guarantee your appointment request until it’s confirmed. We will confirm it by responding to you as you request.

Please DO NOT use these forms for ‘same day’ requirements or appointments. If you need immediate help, visit us, contact us, or pick up the phone and call us now at PHONE!


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